Let me tell you more about Baby Mealtimes...

My mission is to pass on my knowledge, and teach you the skills of stress-free feeding so that you can have the confidence to teach your baby to love their food.

I'll show you what I did with my baby, and what I do with the hundreds of families I work with, so you can see what to expect at different ages and stages of feeding.

I also share my recommendations about the types of food to offer your baby, how to adjust the texture to challenge them and what to do if things aren't going to plan.

You'll get all of this in photos and videos so you can see how it works in real life! There are also recipes to help you find new and exciting ways to introduce different foods to your baby.

This will set your kids up for a future of eating that supports them to grow and thrive. I can't wait for you to join me! 


My philosophy is based on babies learning to enjoy food and feeling confident to explore new tastes and textures. I want to show you how to gently challenge your baby to help them develop the skills they need to manage many different foods as they get older. This helps them to be less fussy and it means that you don't have to stress about what to feed them.

It's going to be fun. Are you ready?

Hi, I'm Dr Kyla

I'm the proud creator and owner of Baby Mealtimes. I'm a mama to baby Elsie (who you'll see featured lots on this website!) and I'm from sunny Perth, Western Australia. I'm a lover of vegetables, a big fan of sharing food with those you love, and I get to talk about food all day long (it's a perk of the job!)

I'm a paediatric dietitian and I've been specialising in fussy eating for over a decade. I started Baby Mealtimes after having my first baby and realising that parents were SOOOOO confused about how to feed their babies when starting them off on food.

I know that the way we start to feed our babies has such a long-lasting impact on how adventurous they are with food in the future. But so many parents are getting conflicting advice about what and when to feed their babies, and this is resulting in the exact thing they were trying to prevent- fussy toddlers!

I believe that Australian parents need a reliable, practical and supportive service to help them feed their babies with confidence and without the stress. I want to help you enjoy this stage with your baby and feel good about family mealtimes, so I'll give you the tools to help you make decisions about what works best for you, your baby and your family.

I also LOVE to talk. You can read more about my speaking gigs and podcast episodes HERE.


Here\'s what my members are saying:

"A fantastic service, particularly for first time parents. Instead of the standard information on what you should feed your babies, this is the when, where, how and why, with lots of support along the way."

"Thanks so much for your daily inspiration with foods. Isla's eating has really gotten a lot better now I feel confident to let her decide and just do her thing! I feel better knowing I provide her with what she needs and how much of it she eats is her choice. So much less stressful."

"I'm so grateful for your advice and reassurance on Archer's eating. I find it so stressful and it literally takes up so much of my daily thoughts, so thanks again for helping me feel good about this!"


These are the types of questions I'm going to be able to help you with!

Q: I'm worried about choking

You are definitely not alone! Most parents are worried about their baby choking when they start to introduce finger foods. Your baby might start to cough or gag with new textures, and that can be quite frightening.  

But, babies are actually pretty clever at learning to bite and chew. Gagging is their brain's way of reminding them to keep chewing until the food is ready to swallow. Importantly, the way that you respond to your baby gagging will influence how well your baby responds. Baby Mealtimes subscribers can check out my videos on what to do when your baby gags, read all about how to tell the difference between gagging and choking and get daily photo inspiration of age-appropriate finger foods.  

Q: I just don't know what to feed him - I need some inspiration…

Well, you've definitely come to the right place! Baby Mealtimes subscribers have access to an entire photo gallery of age-appropriate finger foods, recipes for all sorts of baby food and example meals for babies. You'll also get daily inspiration from our private Facebook and Instagram pages, which are only accessible to subscribers. 

Q: Do I give her peanuts and eggs at the start, or hold off until she\'s older? And what about if she has eczema?

The national allergy guidelines have recently changed and so many parents are confused about how to introduce allergenic foods. We now know that it's important to expose your baby to allergenic foods from six months of age, including peanuts and egg. This is the same for babies at a higher risk of allergy, like those with eczema. Baby Mealtimes subscribers can read all about how to introduce their babies to the main NINE allergens in the most appropriate form and check out the finger food photos and recipes featuring these allergens. 

Members get Dr Kyla's Allergy ebook for free, or you can purchase that here.

Last but not least...

Joining Baby Mealtimes is going to give you daily support in our private Facebook community, AND our private Instagram page will give you food inspiration suitable for every age and stage. I know you're going to love this one!

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