Guest Speaker: Eczema

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Guest Speaker: Growth

You will know more about your baby’s growth charts, normal growth, when to seek help about growth and more!


How much dairy do toddlers need

How much milk should my toddler (12mo+) drink? Is cow’s milk best? What if they’re breastfeeding? What if they also like yoghurt and cheese?


Dropping overnight feeds

How do I know when my baby is ready to stop having milk fees overnight? How many feeds should they have overnight?


When can I offer my baby toast?

When can I offer my baby toast to eat? How do I prepare it? What about bread? How do I know when they’re ready to move on?


“Choose the best” tinned beans.

Tinned beans are a great addition to a meal, providing a boost of protein and fibre. They can be served pureed, mashed, squashed or whole


Breast and bottle refusal

My baby has started refusing breast or bottle feeds. I’m worried they’re not getting enough breastmilk or formula.


When you feel like your baby is falling behind

My baby isn’t progressing with solids like other babies. I’m worried they’re not eating the variety they need.


My baby is stuffing food into her mouth

My baby has started to take really big bites of food. She is not pausing between bites and stuffing food into her mouth. Is this normal?


“Choose the best” BABY PUFFS.

What are the best baby puffs to buy for my baby? What should I look for on the nutrition information panel?

3. Noodle examples (1) (1)

“Choose the best” NOODLES

What are the best noodles to buy for my baby? What should I look for on the nutrition information panel?

Profile on phone

Changing to Toddler Mealtimes

How do I know if my baby is ready for Toddler Mealtimes? When should I shift to Toddler Mealtimes? What is the difference between Baby and Toddler Mealtimes?

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