Baby mess

Wiping your baby clean

This is probably the most annoying part of mealtimes for all of us- babies included!


Breakfast Sprinkles

Healthy breakfast cereals for kids are so limited.

baby posture

Posture for your baby

Has your little one got adequate support in their eating chair?


Preparing puree

Do you have questions about preparing your first puree? How thick should it be? What should I add to make it the correct texture?


How to respond if your child is choking

How will I know if my baby is choking on food? And if my baby is choking, what should I do to help them? How do I respond in such a stressful situation?


Why won’t he eat lumpy puree?

So many babies struggle through the recommended ‘lumpy phase’ of solid introduction.


How Often Can I Offer Fruit and Yogurt?

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Bigger babies: Can you overfeed them?

A question on our private Facebook this week from a Mum whose GP told her to feed her baby less.


Choosing a custard for your baby

Next up in my “how to choose” video series is custard. Lots of requests for this!


When your baby won’t eat…

This blog comes after a recent post in our Private Facebook Group where several parents shared how stressed they were about their babies not eating enough, especially when they were already small.


Top Baby Feeding questions from our Facebook Group

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Dropping Food

Babies dropping food has to be one of the most frustrating things for parents to watch!

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