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Baby Mealtimes

A subscription database filled with balanced meal inspiration, recipes, finger food ideas and a step-by-step guide to introducing foods, all designed to make feeding your baby fuss-free. Plus your membership gives you access to our dream team of feeding specialists.

Consider it the Netflix of what and how to feed your baby.

Explore the first foods guide and confidently introduce solids without stress.

Select from our recipe list to create balanced meals that are delicious and nutritious.

Scroll through the finger food gallery of over 450 images that are designed to match your baby’s specific skill level.

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Welcome to the original & best evidence-based approach to introducing solids.

Conflicting advice is the source of your confusion. So you can quit the mum guilt. It’s not your fault.

There is something you can do that’ll make your experience infinitely better, though.

We suggest it’s time to stop Googling, hit that unfollow button, and start listening to a group of trusted professionals who use a clear, evidence-based approach to helping you feed your little one.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Baby Mealtimes is led by Dr Kyla Smith, a Paediatric Dietitian specialising in preventing and managing fussy eating. With her dream team of dietitians, and paediatric specialists, Baby Mealtimes will show you an evidence-based approach to starting solids.

What that means for you is that all our guides, video tutorials, food database, and methods are tried and tested. We don’t rely on anecdotes or old wives' tales, instead letting science lead the way.

Welcome to your confident start to feeding your baby.

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Baby Mealtimes

A subscription database filled with balanced meal inspiration, recipes, finger food ideas and a step-by-step guide to introducing foods, all designed to make feeding your baby fuss-free. Plus your membership gives you access to our dream team of feeding specialists.


Our team

will take your hand and walk you through exactly what to do and how to introduce solids successfully. We’ve done all the thinking for you.


The practical information

grows with your baby, from how much and how often to feed them, through to introducing allergens and advancing with texture (even if you’re terrified of them choking). We've got it all. We’ll take you right through to toddlerhood.


The galleries

give you access to hundreds of photos of finger foods, simple recipes and meal ideas, organised into specific skill levels, with clear instructions. Zero complicated steps here.

Welcome to your judgement-free, stress-free, evidence-based approach to help you start solids successfully.

When you’ve got access to a team of paediatric dietitians and feeding specialists, here’s what happens:

You make decisions easily. No overthinking. No confusion. You know exactly what you’re going to feed your baby every meal, every day, every week.

You stop crowd-sourcing help, instead going straight to the professionals. Your Instagram returns to stalking celebrities and the only thing in your browser is that beautiful blazer you've been eyeing off.

You know you’re doing right by your child. You aren’t just confidently feeding them nutritious meals in the moment.

It’s way more than that.

You’re setting them up for a lifetime of enjoyable eating, a healthy relationship with food, and fostering connections around the dinner table.

The result?

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Full access for all memberships Here’s what you get when you subscribe


A Practical Guide

Your step-by-step guide to starting solids includes how to know when your baby is ready to eat, what to look for in a highchair, what spoons, bowls and utensils you’ll need, how to cook and prepare the food, and what to expect the first time you feed your baby. Hint: it’s not a lot of eating.


Age Appropriate Info

Age-specific food guides, to help you work out where you're at and what comes next These cover everything about meals and milk feeds, suitable textures, variety, and feeding milestones, without any of the guilt-inducing "shoulds". We'll help you feel empowered, not more worried.


Galleries Galore

An extensive picture gallery of over 400 finger foods that range in textures and provide ample practice for your baby to progress their biting, chewing, and swallowing skills.



A wide variety of searchable delicious, nutritious, easy and balanced recipes created and approved by a Paediatric Dietitian.


Video Content

Bite-sized (pardon the pun) videos you can watch and listen to when you’re nap trapped on a range of topics like how to set up your equipment, how to safely handle gagging and choking, and how to introduce allergens.


Facebook Group

Access to our private supportive judgement-free Facebook Group, including access to our highly qualified team of feeding specialists.


Extensive Q&A

24/7 access to our Q&A section answering all of the most common speed bumps in the first year of solids. Do you have a highchair escape artist, a finger food painting Picasso or a babe who can stuff more food into their cheeks than a chipmunk? Breathe a sigh of relief, our Q&A section covers all of these.

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Paediatric Dietitian Dr Kyla Smith

I’m here to help you feed your family well, without the overwhelm. I've worked with babies and children for over 16 years in both my clinic and online programs. I have a PhD in childhood weight management and extensive experience working with restrictive eaters.

I'm also the first (and the best!) when it comes to online solids programs. Baby Mealtimes is like one of my babies, and I've refined it for years, to give you what you actually need.

I’m also a Mum of two girls, Elsie and Cleo, and I know the struggle today’s parents have with navigating changing guidelines, information overwhelm, unhelpful advice and societal expectations.

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