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Helping you feed your baby with confidence


Helping babies learn to love mealtimes

Dr Kyla Smith

is a paediatric dietitian specialising in preventing and managing fussy eating.

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Subscribing to the Baby Mealtimes


website will give you confidence about what and how to feed your baby.


You’ll have access to meal inspiration, clear guidance around HOW to feed your baby, an extensive picture gallery of finger foods and help when things aren’t going quite right. Plus you’ll get access to the supportive Baby Mealtimes online community. It’s like the Mother’s Group you actually wish you were a part of!
You can pay for an 8 month period ($99 total) designed to help you from the start to end of introducing solids, or a monthly option ($20/month). The monthly option is a recurring payment and you can cancel whenever you like.

If you’ve got a toddler aged 12 months and up, you might find Toddler Mealtimes more helpful.

If you’ve got an extremely fussy eater up to 12 years of age and you need more personalised support, you might find Mealtime Building Blocks more helpful.


Dr Kyla shares her top tips for each month of introduction to solids.

5-6 months

The Baby Mealtimes subscription includes videos by age, month by month puree and finger food suggestions and top tips for feeding babies until their first birthday.

Is this for you?

  • You’ve got a baby under 12 months of age
  • You’re confused by all of the conflicting information out there about introducing solids
  • You aren’t quite sure about where to start with solids, or you’re finding it hard to think of new foods to offer now your baby has started eating
  • You feel totally overwhelmed by the thought of feeding your baby food (you’re not alone!)
  • You want to prevent future fussiness
  • You’re nervous about your baby choking
  • You’re worried about introducing allergenic food
  • You’re not sure what textures you should be offering and how to incorporate finger food safely
  • You want to know that your baby is getting enough (and not too much)
  • You need some new meal inspo
  • You want an evidence-based, clear approach to follow with feeding
  • You want to set your baby up to enjoy food from the start

Here’s what you’ll get with a subscription …

  • A practical guide to starting solids
  • An extensive picture gallery of finger foods (more than 100!) suitable for different ages and stages
  • Access to our private supportive community
  • Video examples of how to manage common concerns like gagging and choking
  • Recipes to suit your baby and the whole family
  • Answers to common questions like what to do if your baby refuses the spoon, or throws their food on the floor
  • Access to live Q&A sessions with Dr Kyla (Paediatric Dietitian and infant feeding specialist)
  • Tips and tricks to help you to enjoy stress-free mealtimes with your baby
  • Confidence to feed your baby a range of delicious and nutritious foods

Here’s how it works …

  • Register below and pay a one-off fee of $99 or sign up for a monthly subscription at $20/month
  • Join our private Facebook group and our private Instagram page (more info provided once you’ve subscribed)
  • Enjoy your subscription to Baby Mealtimes

But what if I don’t like Baby Mealtimes?

The content of Baby Mealtimes is based on everything I’ve learnt over more than a decade as a paediatric dietitian and as a parent. It’s all the stuff that I wish my older fussy eating clients had access to before their eating became such an issue. But, as with any aspect of parenting, it may not be the approach you want to take. Totally fine! If you don’t love your Baby Mealtimes subscription then you can cancel at any time. I’d always love to hear your feedback, with no hard feelings.

Got some questions?


I’ve got your answers

I like the sound of Baby Mealtimes but I don't want to be locked-in to a contract?

I hear you! Baby Mealtimes is actually a lot like Netflix or Spotify- you can pay monthly with no lock in fees, and cancel whenever you like. Just remember that you are only entitled to the price you signed up at as long as your subscription is in good standing.

What qualifications do you have to be offering this advice?

I love this question. If you’re looking for an evidence-based approach to feeding your baby, with a practical, real-life experience then I’m your girl. I’m a paediatric dietitian (university qualified) with a PhD in childhood weight management. I’ve worked with fussy eaters for more than 12 years, plus I’m also a parent- so I get it! You can read more about my professional background on the About Me page.

I already get lots of great ideas from your Instagram page. How is this different?

Great question. Whilst I love sharing lots of free content over in Instagram, it’s information that covers both baby and toddler feeding and doesn’t always apply to the exact stage you’re at. A Baby Mealtimes subscription gives you much more detail and is presented in chunks based on your baby’s age- so you can focus just on what’s relevant to you at the time. You’ll also have access to support from a professional around dealing with issues as they arise, something that just can’t be offered for free on Instagram.

I already consider myself pretty confident with all things feeding. Will this still be beneficial for me?

I’m confident that a Baby Mealtimes subscription is suitable for almost everyone. In fact, some of my members include dietitians and speech pathologists, who know lots about introducing solid foods but want to feel extra confident about feeding their own babies.

I'm NOT a good cook at all. Does that matter?

Nope! The great news is that your baby doesn’t know what a good cook is. I’ll also show you some super simple ideas to help you feel good about prepping food for your little one. There are videos about making puree, cooking finger food and how to put balanced meals together. I’ve got you!

What happens if I cancel my membership?

You’re free to cancel your membership at any time, without any hidden fees. But this does mean you lose access to the members-only website and the VIP Facebook and Instagram pages.

We're a one income family and are watching our spending. Is this really worth it for us?

Yes, yes, yes! Lots of my members have told me that this is the BEST MONEY they’ve ever spent on their baby. That’s a big call considering all of the things you need to buy! I’m confident that the information and support from Baby Mealtimes will be a game changer for your family. I’ve also consciously kept the price as low as possible because I know most parents are still on some form of leave or reduced pay, and their money is precious to them.


Read more about Dr Kyla and her approach

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