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Baby Mealtimes Common Questions

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Common Questions How much and how often?

Starting points: 

Essentials Module 3: Food includes an overview and a section on how much and how often, and there are also videos on the website covering how often to give solids and why you can let your baby eat as much as they want. In the food and drink section further down on this page are common questions relating to specific foods, such as milk, meat etc. Read on for some more questions about how much and how often.

Common Questions Getting started with first foods

Starting points: 

Essentials Module 2: Skills and Equipment includes a section on when to start, what equipment you will need, how to practice and what to do before you feed your child solids for the first time. Essentials Module 3: Food gives an overview of what to feed your baby and the key things to think about in the first year. There is also a complete guide to your baby's first meal. Read on for some more specific questions that might come up when you are just getting started.

Common Questions Food and drinks

Starting points: 

Essentials Module 3: Food gives an overview of what to feed your baby and the key things to think about in the first year. There is an entire section of the website dedicated to food, including information for your baby's first meal, and what to expect for milk feeds, meals, textures and mealtime behaviours at each age.

There is also the famous Finger Food Gallery, a recipes section and info on how to prepare, store and reheat baby foods, plus plenty of posts on specific foods and drinks, including the common allergen series and How to Choose guides. Read on for the more specific questions that come up about foods and drinks.

Common Questions Health

Starting points:

Essentials Module 4: Things That Scare Me gives an overview of how to manage concerns about choking and gagging, allergic reactions and skin reactions. There are also guest presentations by health professionals on a range of topics, including eczemafood allergy and intolerancegrowth concerns, constipation, childhood sickness, looking after teeth, parental anxiety and more.

Common Questions Textures

Starting points: 

Essentials Module 3: Food gives an overview of textures, and Essentials Module 4: Things That Scare Me has more info about choking and gagging. My guide to texture progression helps you to gradually increase the texture of spoon and finger foods as your baby's skills develop, to challenge them a little bit at a time.

In the Food section you can to learn how to prepare baby foods, from your baby's first meal, through each stage to toddlerhood. There are also dedicated pages for spoon foods and finger foods (Prep, level A and level B and beyond). My comprehensive Finger Food Gallery contains contains over 400 finger foods which can be searched for inspo or filtered by level to match your baby's skills. 

Read on for the more specific questions that come up about texture.

Common Questions Choking and Gagging

Starting point:

Essentials Module 4: Things That Scare Me has info about choking and gagging.

Common Questions Equipment

Starting points: 

Essentials Module 2: Skills and Equipment gives an overview of the equipment you need, what to look for, and Dr Kyla's favourite products. There are also detailed posts about posturespoons and smocks, and you can join the waitlist for Dr Kyla's custom-designed highchair here. Read on for more specific questions about equipment.

You can also check out the eating behaviours section below for more support around periods of spoon or highchair refusal, how to teach your baby to drink from a cup or straw and more.

Common Questions Eating Behaviours

Starting points: 

Essentials Module 1: Philosophy provides the foundation for Dr Kyla's approach to eating behaviours. Read on for more specific behaviour questions.

There is a lot more about eating behaviours in Toddler Mealtimes, aimed at children 12 months and older. Check out the Toddler Mealtimes common questions page for examples of what is covered in the membership. 

Common Questions When should I get more support?

If you’ve ever felt like you just wanted to talk through your concerns and get some reassurance that you’re on the right track, you can now book a consultation with a Mealtimes dietitian. This service is only available to people with a current Baby or Toddler Mealtimes membership. Learn more about the service and pricing, and book a consultation here.

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