mini wraps

Choosing a wrap/flatbread for your baby

How do you choose a wrap or flatbread for your baby? They can be a great finger food and useful in main meals for babies like quesadillas.

baby eating yoghurt

Choosing a yoghurt for your baby

How do you choose a yoghurt for your baby? And what about if you don’t have the brand I use in your local supermarket?


Should you avoid meat at dinner for better baby sleep?

This is something I am asked ALL THE TIME. So many parents are told NOT to feed their baby foods high in protein (like meat) before bed

no fuss meal snacks

Toddler recipes

This is a post for my subscribers who have older babies or kiddos.It’s a recipe book with lots of different recipes including fish and beans


How much fruit and yoghurt can I let my baby eat?!

It’s all she wants at the moment. How much can I give her?”So the key here is making sure that you stay in charge of ‘what’ is offered

baby cup feeding

WHEN and HOW can I give my baby cow’s milk?

Let’s start with the one hard rule around cow’s milk- it is NOT suitable as a drink for babies under the age of one.

Mommy eating with baby

Baby Mealtimes Family Food Challenge!

Recently I told you how I wanted to make it a priority to have family dinners in my household, with everyone eating the same meal.


Dr Kyla’s Philosophy

Here’s my explanation of the key things you need to do as a parent at mealtimes. I also talk about what your baby will be responsible for.

mesh feeding

Baby Mesh Feeders

Mesh feeders are little contraptions that babies can hold onto with a mesh bag to put food in for safe tasting.


Baby Snacks

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Feeding babies is MESSY. Many Mums and Dads cringe at the thought of their baby smearing food into their hair or dropping…


Drinks for babies

If your baby is breastfed, they don’t need any water until they start eating solids. If your baby is formula fed, you may need to offer…

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